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Advocate Foundation Services has been servicing the North Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma region since 2009. Our primary mission is to provide quality foundation repair services to our clients. We stand behind our work and know how to get the job done right, the first time.


What we do

Foundation Repair, Concrete Pilings & Polyurethane Foam Injection

Foundation Repair

We have the ability to lift & reset foundations for both residential & commercial buildings. We offer one-time transferrable lifetime warranties on all of our foundation repairs. 

Concrete Pilings

Whether we are fixing a foundation that is damaged to settling (sinking) or heaving (lifting) our focus is permanent repair. Therefore, we often utilize concrete pilings to strengthen your foundation.

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Soils are erratic and often consists of voids beneath your home or office building. We harness the power of polyurethane foam injection to fill these gaps and restore your foundation.

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Industrial Building – Foundation Repair

Industrial Building - Foundation Repair Pier Footing Separated From The Slab Advocate Foundation Repair was recently on the job at an industrial warehouse. We were attending to the foundation for this large industrial building. The problem and the reason we got the...

Heavy Rain Causes Significant Foundation Problems

The Issues of Heavy Rain What Happens When You Have Poor Drainage? North Central Texas has been the victim of significant heavy rains this Fall. Unfortunately, anytime we go through periods of intense rains, this water needs a place to go. Residential & Commercial...

The Principles of Foundation Repair & Maintenance

Understanding the World of Foundation Repairs How Many Types of Foundation Repairs Are There? If you've seen the scary image (shown above) at your own home, you're not alone. Right now, Texas is experiencing a heavy season of Fall rains. Although this type of weather...

Mid-Century Home – Foundation Repair

Repairing The Foundation - Mid-Century Home A properly built and maintained house can easily last a lifetime. It's a place where you and your loved ones create memories and build wealth - to pass on to future generations. One secret to a house's longevity is a solid...

Built Upon a Rock: Our Rules for Renovation Projects

Stone Wall Renovation & Repair In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told the story of a wise man who built his house upon a rock. Rain pelted against it. Rivers swelled around it. Winds blew into it. The forces of nature could not bring this house down because its...

Foundation Repair Services

We are redefining what it means to fix a foundation the right way. Not only do we repair the foundation but we set your trust in our company to back it up all the way.

We believe in not just doing a job but doing a job right – but also sticking to that promise. We would love to speak with you and provide you with free resources and information to educate you on our process!

  • Free estimates on all services
  • Offer a one-time transferable limited lifetime warranty
  • Service both residential & commercial buildings
  • Create scale diagrams using zip levels
  • Defend against future settling & heaving
  • Utilize concrete pilings & polyurethane foam injection
  • Repair cracks in windows and doors
  • Grade soil to flow water away from home or office
  • Focus on limited damage to vegetation and home

Great service. Honor the three year warranty no issues! – Holly Doering

We are experienced

We Have Nearly 10 Years of Experience in The Industry

When you hire Advocate Foundation Services, you are hiring an elite team of foundation repair professionals. We have been involved in foundation repair since our humble beginnings back in 2009. Since then, we’ve streamlined our repair process to focus on what matters: fixing your foundation and making our services affordable. Therefore, we use tried and true practices to fix your foundation while keeping you, our client, at the center of our attention. We promise to provide you with quality service and award winning performance on our foundation repairs!

About us

Providing the Highest Quality Foundation Services Available

Customizable Solutions for your Home or Office

Superior Service, Exceptional Value & Guarantee

Honest Pricing & Award Winning Service

About us

Providing the Highest Quality Carpentry Services In the Area

People always ask us why it is that we ever got into foundation repair. It’s certainly not an industry that is widely known and very little people have the technical know-how to make the repairs correctly. 

We got into it because we care about our customers – pure and simple. Understanding how foundations are comprised is imperative to any construction company. We build / fix it right (the first time) from the ground up!

Mary Wood

I called Advocate Foundation after having several different companies look at a problem I had with water leakage in the basement of my 90 year old home. The men worked with me till the problem was solved and there has been no water seepage in over two years.

Nathan Moore and his crew are top notched professionals that get the job done!

Holly Doering

Great service. Honor the three year warranty no issues!

Joe Smith

We had Advocate come out and shore up a foundation problem. They came when scheduled and provided the service in a timely and professional manner.

The only problem we had was that they forgot to finish one part of the project. We called them one time and they came the next day and finished the project. I am impressed when a service provider corrects a deficiency without a hassle.

If I ever have foundation problem in the future I will use Advocate.

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