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Holliday TX

Below is a gallery of some of our photographs taken at job sites located in Holliday, TX. Our client requested the application of Polyurea Foam Injection in their home to help lift the home and fill the voids that lay beneath the foundation. These are some dramatic before and after photos of this project.

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Wichita Falls, TX

Concrete Pier Installation & Drainage Installation

This home experience difficulties of ground movement due to high water content present around the home. During periods of heavy rain, water was not draining effectively.

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Duncan, TX

Complete Flooring Remodel

This HOME experienced serious complications from settling in their HOME. Our teams removed their floor to expose what lied beneath and supplied concrete piers underneath this entire section of the house.

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Iowa Park, TX

Drainage Control

In Iowa Park, TX – our team encountered a home with a drainage control issue. See how the water pooled up around the home – which led to expansive soil conditions due to uplift of the water packed soil beneath the home.

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