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House on a Hill – Installing a Functional Raised Deck

Pool Renovations are complicated processes. Often times, it requires the addition of new pool plumbing to bodies of water that are added on to existing structures. In our case above, we added some water features to two raised water fountains. This required our crews to run new lines of plumbing beneath this existing deck. Not easy work to say the least!

Pool Renovations are fun projects that require various forms of construction expertise. The type of work can vary wide to include: re-plaster, equipment replacements, deck restorations or even additions to an existing pool. In our case above, we added some additional water features to two pre-existing water fountains. We also combined our foundation expertise with swimming pool renovation on this intricate House on a Hill project.

Working From The Ground Up

He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.Luke 6:8

When a new customer approaches us with the idea of adding onto their home, looking at their foundation is one of the first steps that we always take. At the House on a Hill project, we had a strong foundation to build upon; so foundation repair wasn’t our focus.

Instead, we used our foundation techniques to create a rather nifty application below their elevated pool deck. We often refer to this as creating a serviceable area for your home. This is a very useful & creative renovation technique that we have used on various homes throughout our history as a company.

The benefit for the House on a Hill job is that it allows the user to access the plumbing & electrical lines below the pool deck. All of our fountain equipment is now easily accessible without having to remove layers of decking. Certainly a great cost saving measure for the future!


An Advocate You Can Trust

We believe in advocating on behalf of our customers. Although other builders & renovators might take a contract, perform the work, collect a check and move on… that’s not our style. We assess all aspects of a job and present you, our customer, with options prior to getting started.

You may not feel ready to take on additional work and that’s okay! We just believe that you deserve to be given all of the facts prior to the start of any job. It’s part of our servant based approach to valuing our customers. We treat everyone with the diligence and attention they deserve to ensure they have complete knowledge of their homes and retain total control!


Our Game Plan

Our customer contracted us to add on two elevated Water Fountains, with a short winding river that connects the two bodies of water. By carefully assessing the job site, we came up with the following game plan.

  1. All swimming pools use PVC pipe to transport water from one body of water to the next. In this example, we needed to transport water from our fountains to our filtration system: a distance of over 100′. Our plumbing needed to run beneath the gorgeous flagstone deck of this backyard. Our focus on this project was to add new lines of plumbing without compromising the existing decking.
  2. Most swimming pool renovations require the addition of new features to boost the beautiful and aesthetic of the backyard. On this job, we added on two Fire & Water Bowls from The Outdoor Plus. We also created huge Color Changing Sheer Descents by Atlantic Water Gardens on our water fountains.
  3. Lastly, we needed a way to control these new water systems easily. We collaborated with our local distributor to purchase the Easytouch Control System by Pentair. This advanced system allows us to control our water fountains & features from the palm of your hand. With the use of an iPhone or Android device, our home owner will be able to turn on any water feature without the need to visit the pool equipment. Pretty cool stuff!


Matching Our Materials

As you can imagine, this project involved careful planning and execution. We needed to be careful to locate the existing plumbing lines below deck, add on to those lines and find a match for our flagstone. Our goal was to remove layers of existing pool deck, install these lines and replace deck material without anyone being able to tell work was done.

Most swimming pool contractors would rush through a situation like this without finding a proper match for existing materials. Nathan Moore took the time necessary to locate several stone yards and bring samples of our material to each yard. After thorough research he identified our flagstone as Arizona Flagstone… not Oklahoma like most people would imagine. By taking the time necessary we found an exact match for our deck. It sounds simple but it requires time and patience to act as an Advocate for our customers.

We perform procedures like this all the time for our customers. It’s the little things that add up to create the biggest impact later on.

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