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Elite Cabinetry & Millworks Division

The Lake Bend project is a beautiful display of our Elite Cabinetry Division. We can create custom cabinetry for any room of your home! All of our work is 100% custom and centered around the functionality of these spaces.

The Lake Bend project is a beautiful display of our Elite Cabinetry Division. We can create custom cabinetry for any room of your home! All of our work is 100% custom and centered around the functionality of these interior spaces.

The Lake Bend Job – Complete Home Construction

At Advocate Construction, we are not just experts in Foundation Repair, Fire Restoration, Remodels and 1 Day Floor Coatings. In addition, we also specialize in custom built cabinetry and homes for clients who desire a 100% custom feel and functionality. Our Elite Cabinetry & Millworks division is specially designed to create unique spaces that fit our customer’s lifestyles, uses and design preferences.

Here you will find some amazing craftsmanship that takes weeks to source, design, cut, polish and install. We have a whole team of dedicated carpenters and wood workers who design our custom cabinets from scratch. We have the capability to source the wood, select the finish, & install unique and functional pieces (such as the sliding basket cabinet, as seen below).

The Lake Bend project is a beautiful culmination of all of our experience in home construction techniques:

  • Foundation Setting: We built this home from the ground up – always starting with the foundation first
  • Expert Home Design
  • Sourcing Exceptional Products: selected for its quality, durability and beauty
  • Constructing the Framework and Finish Out Pieces, such as this kitchen


Assessing Our Custom Kitchen Installation

Approaching this project from the top down, it took over 1 year to design & construct this amazing home. We classify this type of project as a New Home Construction – 100% custom design from the ground up. This was a very complex project that required delicate hand crafted work for each piece that we installed in this kitchen.

Surgically, each piece of cabinetry had to be Edge Banded by hand. Our wood is Maple and sourced from Brazos Forest Products. It’s important to us to use this premier quality hardwood due to its superior quality. We only use the best on all of our projects. For that reason, it’s imperative that we align ourselves with suppliers that follow the same ethics as our parent company: Advocate Construction.

That being said, we created some pretty amazing custom cabinets for this kitchen. Our gorgeous kitchen consists of:

  • Sliding Baskets
  • Hidden Cutting Boards
  • A Double Oven
  • A Commercial Grade Refrigerator
  • Completely Custom Vent Hood and Cabinets
  • Slow Closing Hinges
  • Frameless Cabinets
  • Soft Close Glides
  • Cabinet Organizers
  • Automotive Gloss Finish on all cabinets

Selecting & Creating High Quality Materials

Marble Floors

For starters, not only did we use the highest quality cabinet materials on the market, we also sourced some pretty amazing finish products for the rest of the kitchen. We selected Marble in the Crema Marfle hue. This type of material provides a classic “cream marble with tan undertones,” as stated by MSI Stone. It is a perfect product to install in rooms where you’d like to emphasis a beautiful floor finish, such as a bathroom, kitchen or entry way. We are capable of installing this material in any room that you desire and it’s one of many options that we provide our Elite Cabinetry & Millworks customers.

Quartz Countertops

Moving on, we selected a Quartz Counter top Finish for our kitchen island. Quartz is quickly becoming a very popular material for islands and counter tops due to its beautiful color and ease of maintenance. Quartz is a unique material comprised of “ground quartz stone, pigments and resin” – WikiHow.

High Gloss Automotive Finish

Thirdly, we selected a unique High Gloss Automotive Finish for our custom cabinets. Applying High Gloss Automotive Paint to any surface is a very delicate procedure and we do not recommend it for the average DIY (do it yourself) candidate. We applied this high gloss finish to our cabinets using a highly controlled applicator to ensure 100% perfection. The result: a high gloss cabinet system that blends beautifully with our Crema Marfle Marble floors and White Quartz counter top. Absolutely breath-taking!


An Extreme Emphasis On Quality

As you may be able to tell, creating custom kitchens such as this is a complex and difficult process. At Advocate Construction, we have been in the construction realm for over 10+ years and we have the leading industry experts on our staff who are trained and ready to answer the call.

We love working with customers to create unique spaces that they can call their own. Our staff works diligently to provide you with custom design options for your home. We select high quality materials and create a unique space that works for you and your family. The result – a home that you can be proud of and one that we are glad to have been a part of. If you’re in the market for a Home Remodel or even a New Home Construction, we invite you to give us a call for a free on-site consultation. You’ll be amazed by the amount of information that we can share with you and the capabilities you’ll have by partnering with Advocate Construction & Elite Cabinetry!