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Commercial Kitchen – Heavy Foot Traffic

If you’ve ever been in a Commercial Kitchen, then you’ll know how much abuse they can take. Commercial Kitchens are perfect environments for our product to be showcased. These floors take years and years of abuse, including but not limited to:

  • Spills from food
  • Chemical cleaners
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Constant moisture on the ground
  • Heavy foot traffic

Needless to say, things in a kitchen get pretty messy! Luckily, our 1 Day Coatings is the perfect product to install on a floor that takes regular abuse. We follow the Penntek One Day Installation process that allows us to get in and out with minimal evasion of your business or residential home.

Our Award Winning Installation Process

If you’re unfamiliar with this product, or it’s the first time you’re visiting our website, no worries. Let’s take a quick recap of 1 Day Industrial Floor Coatings and discuss all of the benefits that this product has to offer. For starters, this product can be installed on literally any surface you can image. From Swimming Pool Decks, to Garage Floors, Industrial Warehouses and much more – 1 Day Coatings can handle them all!

What is the secret ingredient for this product’s success? The secret lies in how it is made and how it is installed. 1 Day Coatings uses a multi-layer floor adhesion system (shown above). We apply these chemicals in layers, allow time to set & prime and then move onto the next layer. All in all, we follow the following process to install our 1 Day Coatings product:

  1. Prepare our work space: We grind your existing concrete surface, sweep & vacuum our work space to remove any loose debris. This gives us a clean work environment to apply our amazing 1 Day Coatings product.
  2. Fix cracks and pitting: using our SC 50 Single Comp Primer, we smooth out your surface and fills in any “pinholes” and gives us a smooth texture to our Vinyl Chip Flakes & High Gloss Top Coat
  3. Apply our E 2000 Epoxy Color (“Base”) Coat: this gives us a 100% solid base color. Our Vinyl Chip Flakes rest upon this layer.
  4. Add our Vinyl Chip Flakes: this is the fun part! You get to choose your color combination and allow your personality and design approaches shine!
  5. Apply either our SC 150 or WU 80 Top Coats: we have Single Comp UV (SC 150)for indoor applications -or- High Performance UV (WU 80) for outdoor applications


Our 1 Day Process

Maintaining a Clean Work Environement

From the moment that we arrive on your properly, our teams begin preparing our work space. We grind your existing concrete surfaces down to create a nice fresh base coat for our products to adhere to. While we work, we also remove any loose dust or debris. We work hard to ensure that we don’t make a big mess of your garage, home interior, pool deck or commercial facility. Our teams work diligently to clean and remove 90%-95% of any dust or debris that we stir up during our installation process.

Filling in Our Cracks & “Pits”

It’s important that we remove any cracks or “pits” that naturally exist in your concrete floors. Not doing so would cause malformations in our beautiful flooring texture. Therefore, we take the time necessary to smooth out our surfaces and deliver you the best product possible. We accomplish this task by applying our SC 50 Single Comp Primer and a putty knife.

Apply our Base Coat (E2000 Epoxy)

One of the most important steps in our process is applying our Epoxy Resin Base Coat (E 2000). This base coat provides a protective layer between the concrete beneath our 1 Day Coatings surface and the top layer that you see and walk on. This base coat allows zero water permeation through the surface and is the secret ingredient to the ruggedness of our floors and warranty.

Vinyl Chip Flake – You Pick The Color!

The favorite part for all of our customers is the Vinyl Chip Flake system. These Vinyl Chips are colored to provide you with essentially endless color combinations that enhance the look and beauty of your new flooring system. We have over a dozen pre-selected color options to choose from, but you are more than welcome to create your own color blend if you’d like. Choose from collegiate colors, or just a hue that matches the look you’re going for. We’re here to enhance your style of indoor and outdoor living with our 1 Day Coatings system! Below is a list of our pre-selected color options for you to browse.

The High Gloss Top Coat

Lastly, we apply our High Gloss Top Coat to seal and protect our new industrial floor coating system! We offer two types of top coats with differing amount of UV protection. We suggest selecting the top coat that provides you with the appropriate level of UV Protection for either your Indoor or Outdoor use.

5-Year Commercial Warranty

Typically you will hear us talk about our amazing 15-year manufacturer warranty! However, in a commercial application (due to high amount of stress, wear and tear) we are only able to offer a 5-year commercial warranty. For more questions and information about our warranty policy, please give us a call! We’d love to discuss our Commercial Floor Coatings in greater depth and provide you with the appropriate information to make an informed decision about your flooring needs!