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1 Day Coatings Pool Deck Coating Options

If you have a pool in your backyard, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time in it or around it on the pool deck. It’s a place where you can take a quick dip to cool off on a scorching summer afternoon. Secondly, it’s a private retreat for sipping a cup of coffee or watching the sun set. It’s a go-to spot for entertaining family and friends on cool evenings.

Your pool deck makes outdoor living and backyard entertaining possible. This slab of concrete or stone surrounding your pool does more than anchor the pool’s perimeter. The deck also gives you space for sunbathing, lounging and dining at the water’s edge. Protect your investment and your home’s value by protecting the pool deck with one of our pool deck coating options.

Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing by 1 Day Coatings

Whether you’ve recently installed a new pool deck or need to refresh one that’s showing some wear, our three-layer polyurea industrial floor coating can extend the deck’s life. The polymers in the compound form an impervious layer on the deck surface to protect it from damage caused by water, pool chemicals, ultraviolet light, and furniture. The result is a beautiful, comfortable surface where you can relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Other benefits include:

Increased Safety for your Family

When you’re having fun in the pool, you spill and drip water all over the surrounding pool deck, creating a slippery surface all around the pool. A proper deck coating product adds texture to the pool deck so you have better traction as you walk along the soaked surface. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your children and pets are playing in a safer environment.

Higher Comfort Levels for Your Hot Pool Deck

The temperature of concrete, brick, and stone easily soars in the summer sun, reaching temperatures well into the triple digits (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s enough to burn the outer layer of your skin when you walk or sit on it. Our cool pool deck coating product helps dissipate heat so that the surface is considerably cooler than bare concrete, making it feel more comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Wide Variety of Color Selections

Your pool deck should be both functional and decorative, with colors that complement or tastefully contrast with your home’s exterior. That’s why we offer 12 pre-blended color options with gray, sand, and chestnut hues that easily fit in with a variety of color schemes. You can also combine multiple color blends to create borders or add other decorative features to customize the look.

Enhanced Durability for Wide Array of Uses

With the rays of the sun beating down on it and pool chemicals seeping into crevices, your pool deck takes some serious abuse throughout the year. The polyurea chip-based product we use is specifically designed for extreme conditions—like Texas summer temperatures—so it holds up through seasonal changes and protects the deck area for years.

Affordability for Our Customers

Our premier flooring solutions are affordable and versatile. We can also coat garages, utility rooms, and kitchens, creating a uniform surface from your backyard to your house and reduce the amount of maintenance you would have to do on untreated floors.

Our superior installation techniques allow us to create beautiful designs and unique finishes. We can craft, design and install any shape of pool deck that you'd like to create for your own backyard!

Our superior installation techniques allow us to create beautiful designs and unique finishes. We can craft, design and install any shape of pool deck that you’d like to create for your own backyard!

Our Proven Installation Process

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve spent the last decade developing and perfecting an installation process that disrupts your life as little as possible. The pool deck coating products in our 1 Day Coatings line go on and completely cure in one day, so you don’t have to wait weeks to start enjoying your backyard again.

Here’s how it works (or take a look at this video on our YouTube channel to see an installation in action):

  1. Step One: We start by preparing the surface. This includes completely cleaning the pool deck and power washing it so that it’s free of all dirt and debris that can prevent the basecoat from sticking.
  2. Step Two: We then apply the basecoat to the top of the clean surface. This seals the naturally porous surface of the concrete or stone and creates a foundation level that supports the rest of the coating layers.
  3. Step Three: To customize the surface and match your decor, we top the basecoat with a layer of custom blended vinyl color flakes. Unlike a single solid color, the multi-colored chips suit a variety of decors so you can change the furniture and house paint without re-doing the floor to match.
  4. Step Four: A polyaspartic polyurea top coat goes over the color flakes to seal the surface. This step ensures that the color flakes adhere to the deck and gives it a soft sheen. It also provides the orange peel texture that makes the surface less slippery.

As soon as the top coat dries—and we promise that it happens quickly—you can start walking on your new pool deck. You’ll notice the difference immediately and see it on the deck for years to come.

15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We proudly use Penntek Industrial Coatings products and are a certified Penntek installer in Wichita Falls, TX; Lawton, OK; and Sumter, SC and their surrounding areas. Our premier flooring solutions come with a 15-year warranty because we trust the quality of our materials and our work. We’ll take the time to explain the warranty during your consultation so you understand how it works and have some extra peace of mind.

Let Us Show the Difference Our Pool Deck Coatings Can Make

Advocate Construction Services is more than our company name. It’s also our mission. We advocate for our clients by giving them our best information and service. We don’t charge for information, consultations, or estimates and are happy to answer all your questions about pool deck resurfacing and coating so you can make the best decision for your property and your budget.

Call us today or connect with us on social media to learn more about our 1 Day Coatings Division and how we can transform your pool deck in one day with polyurea-vinyl chip coating.